XRP, BTC, TRON, ETH top 10 coin ranks prediction for EOY 2019

by Cryptocurrency News01/09/2019

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Ethereum Hardfork Postponed to Late February

Preview Constantinople hard fork activation has been set for block number 7,280,000, scheduled to hit on February 27th.

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Ethereum Devs Propose Activating Constantinople Hard Fork in Late February

After a security vulnerability was found in ethereum's next system-wide upgrade just days prior to activation, core developers now hope to execute the upgrade at the end of February.

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Americans Can Now Buy Bitcoin in Kiosks

Preview Americans will have a convenient and easy way to buy Bitcoin while going through their daily lives.

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How BlockEx Went from $24 Million ICO to Layoffs in Less Than a Year

BlockEx, a London-based platform for launching and exchanging tokens, was beset by a series of setbacks that led to downsizing.

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Overstock’s Patrick Byrne Says tZERO Will Launch Next Week

The tZERO security token trading platfrom will go live next week, says Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne.

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Former French Central Bank Chief Joins Blockchain Startup Board

French economist and former central bank head Christian Noyer is joining blockchain-based financial services startup SETL's board of director.

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OECD: ICOs Have Financing Benefits But Aren’t a Mainstream Option

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development thinks ICOs may be a beneficial fundraising tool, but not yet for "mainstream" firms.

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Who’s Left, Joined and Almost Joined Coinbase Since Its $300 Million Raise

A roundup of notable recent departures and hirings at Coinbase, one of the most coveted places to work in the crypto industry.