XRP Price Prediction 07.08.2019 Ripple XRP Technical Analysis XRP Chart Analysis

by Edgy08/07/2019

Hello dear XRP traders hodlers friends and welcome to this XRP price prediction for August 7th 2019 ! ;) The XRP bulls let a perfect breakout just slip away.

Ripple XRP Bank Of International Settlements Document & Central Bank Of Brazil IMF Crypto Guidelines

by Ayden Trading08/26/2019

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Bitcoin Bullish OR Bearish?! Ripple XRP $10 Price Prediction?! (Cryptocurrency News + BTC Analysis)

by Patrick Corsino08/26/2019

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Ripple XRP Price Prediction: XRP THE WORLD'S CURRENCY

by Cash Flow Nexus08/26/2019

xrp #ripple #xrpusd Ripple XRP Price Prediction: XRP THE WORLD'S CURRENCY Doing some price analysis giving you guys a prediction on price and a ...

🔴☕Morning Crypto Show E11: VeChain Partnerships, bitcoin Price Prediction & Money Gram XRP Volumes

by Fool with Money08/26/2019

Money Gram is driving XRP volumes up to Mexico. Vechain champion collabs with multi-billion dollar partners Walmart, BYD, DNG VL and BMW. An early ...

via coindesk08/28/2019

Bitcoin Teeters on $10K, But Can It Fend Off Another Bear?

Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent market movements have thrown into contention the mid-term direction with some asking if BTC’s demand is enough to beat off another bear market? 

via cointelegraph08/28/2019

Parity Delays Ethereum Network Hardfork over Implementation of EIPs

Parity core dev Wei Tang has requested more time to finish EIP implementations, pushing the Ethereum Network’s Istanbul hardfork to September 6.

via coindesk08/27/2019

Venezuelan Pharmacy Chain to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

The Farmarket pharmacy chain in Venezuela will begin accepting payments in dash using a new point-of-sale system pilot project.

via coindesk08/28/2019

Drug Dealers Who Used Crypto Sentenced to Prison

Five drug dealers who used cryptocurrencies to launder their funds were sentenced to varying jail terms on Monday.

via cointelegraph08/28/2019

India’s Kerala Blockchain Academy Partners with R3 for Dev Education

Blockchain firm R3 partners with the Indian government’s Kerala Blockchain Academy to launch a developer certification program on R3’s Corda blockchain.

via cointelegraph08/28/2019

Venezuelan Official Says Remittance Platform for Petro is Ready to Use

Venezuelan Superintendent of Cryptoactives Joselit Ramírez says a Petro remittances platform is live and operational, as well as secure and easy to use.

via cointelegraph08/27/2019

Startup Led by JPMorgan Veterans Brings Free BaaS Platform to Azure

Founded by former JPMorgan blockchain specialists, Kadena launches its new enterprise blockchain product on Azure.

via cointelegraph08/27/2019

Unconfirmed: Eight Institutions to Get China’s Digital Currency First

Eight institutions will reportedly receive the first installment of China’s upcoming central bank-issued digital currency, including Alibaba and Tencent.