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#1 Reason RIPPLE (XRP) Price is not going up in 2019?

by Crypto Rocko04/21/2019

1 Reason RIPPLE (XRP) Price is not going up in 2019? - Ripple XRP price has been beaten down tremendously. Many people are expecting a minimun short ...

Ripple (XRP) Will Win It All! XRP VS Stablecoins & New $812 Price Prediction (Fun)

by DustyBC04/21/2019

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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies (Not Named Bitcon) Leading the Charge in 2019

Every now and again, Bitcoinist has to admit that altcoins serve a purpose. It’s nauseating watching sh*tcoin after sh*tcoin distract fleeting investors, but the data doesn’t lie. Let’s look at the top five performing cryptocurrencies (not named Bitcoin) that are unleashing the bulls right now. Start of Another Bitcoin/Crypto Bull-Run? We’ve gotten pretty used to hearing about the rapid demise of most major cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin price lost more than 80 percent of its value in

via coindesk04/22/2019

Bitcoin SV’s Delisting Isn’t ‘Censorship.’ But It’s Still a Problem

The controversy over delisting bitcoin SV shows why crypto exchanges need more consistent standards and rules.

via cointelegraph04/21/2019

Bitcoin Falls Under $5,300 Again as Top Altcoins See Losses

Most of the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting slight to moderate losses on the day as bitcoin has fallen under $5,300 again.

via cointelegraph04/22/2019

Crypto Markets See Mild Green, Global Stocks and Futures Mixed as Oil Spikes

After yesterday’s mild market teeter, almost all of the top twenty cryptocurrencies are seeing mild green on the day to press time.

via cointelegraph04/22/2019

JPMorgan Chase to Add New Features to Blockchain-Powered Network for Global Banks

JPMorgan Chase’s Interbank Information Network is now used by more than 220 banks around the world

via cointelegraph04/22/2019

Microsoft Korea: Country Faces Growing Threat From Stealth Crypto Mining Attacks

Microsoft Korea has said the country is facing an increase in crytojacking incidents, according to their new report.

via cointelegraph04/22/2019

South Koreans Invest an Average $6,000 in Cryptocurrency, Says New Survey

The proportion of residents owning crypto increased 1% in 2018 despite the various publicity problems the industry faced.

via cointelegraph04/22/2019

British Virgin Islands, Blockchain Firm Develop Crypto Payments System for Emergency Aid

The British Virgin Islands has partnered with blockchain firm Lifelabs.io to launch a crypto-enabled payments infrastructure.